For a Handful of Food

Paper plate, cotton glove, dia 23 cm  

Food is social communication. But what if you have only one free hand? This food event was the outcome of a workshop with TourdeFork (Milan), creating an event which turns the buffet into a more sociable and relaxed affair. Guests at the event were given no instructions, however, the purpose of our custom made plates with integrated gloves soon became clear. Participants quickly learnt to interact with each other in order to cut food, unscrew bottles of wine, or unseal jars. By literally lending a hand in sharing out the food they not only had a lot of fun but also overcame the awkwardness involved in standing at buffets.

In collaboration with Inga Brown, Sine Özbilge, Philipp von Schlechtleitner, Andreas Trenker and Martin Verdross.

Photos © TourdeFork