Paper 250 gr, yarn 42 x 29.7

Puntilettere is a typography game for primary-school children to practice shapes and the construction of letters. Its ingredients are white paper sheets with a grid of laser cut holes, yarn as writing material and various decorative materials. Writing becomes a physical, haptic exercise whilst also requiring children to be patient, training their motor skills by sewing yarn through small holes.

I created the game for the festival Come On Kids!, curated within a student project group at the Free University of Bolzano. Come On Kids! was a day-long creative festival for children demonstrating the art of learning and experiencing graphic design.

The project execution involved the whole creative process from concept and drawing sessions to numerous small production projects, organizing guest workshops, creating all print material, managing a blog and designing and printing a compendium. Following its great success in Bolzano, Come on Kids! was repeated at the Triennale in Milan and the Fondazione Querini in Venice. Watch the festival video to see what it was like!

Photos © Alexander Erlacher, Elena Zuchkova
Video © WCP Collective

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