Andas in. Andas ute.

Mixed-media installation, various dimensions, 2020

The installation Andas in. Andas ute. (Swedish for 'Breathe in. Breathe outside.') consists of ceramic pieces, sound and text and explores how materiality, writing and a body’s movements inwards and outwards unite. The setting of the work is linked to the natural landscape of Bollebygd in West Sweden–a site that has become a vital source of connection for the artist in the last period. The installation is intended to be experienced by one person at a time. The Artist Book Andas in. Andas ute. is the central element of the homonymous installation.

Circular arc, iron, paint, 111x260x260 cm
Nine parables, stoneware, varying dimensions (e.g. 30x61x20 cm)
Pedestal, iron, steel, paint, 96x50x50 cm
Two ceramic plates, stoneware, glaze, 0,7x51x51 cm
Artist Book, 21x21x1 cm
Looped sound recording, 33 sec
Poem ‘Om andning’ (About breathing), Munken Kristall 220gms, 42x29 cm, nails

Details Artist Book
21 x 21 cm
120 pages
hand sewn-binding, dust cover
Munken Polar 100gsm, Translucent Paper 105gsm, Munken Lynx 130gsm, Arctic Silk + 130gsm,
Cromático transwhite 80gsm
Digital print
Written in English, German, Swedish, Italian

Poems and photography by Julia Schuster
Graphic design by Martin Verdroß, Italy.
Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden.
Self-published Artist Book. All rights reserved. Julia Schuster, Bollebygd, 2020.

Metall construction welded by Arta Dehghanpour, Gmd Art, KKV GBG, Sweden.

Watch here for a complete reading of the Artist Book (9 min). 

Photos © AnnaCarin Isaksson, Installation View, Boy konsthall, Bollebygd, Sweden, 2020.