The In Between

Pressmoulded stoneware, sand h 18 x dia 27 cm, h 4 x dia 43 cm, 2015

The stage of the teapot. a figure sits on top. vague. who is she? inside. outside. framed. still. thinking within.
a godess of prophetic powers in ancient greece. oracular woman.
a memory of time and movement. cycle. life. death. past. future. present.
to close ones eyes. pause in time. a pouring ceremony.  

Inspired by a Wedgwood teapot from the 18th century I created an installation that forms a space for contemplation. The last image shows said teapot at the Ceramics Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Accession Number 310&A-1867.

Photos © Kira K'inan, Patricia Mato Mora, Teapot Image Courtesy of the V&A Museum South Kensington