Choreography of a Tree

Choreography of a Tree

Ceramic, wood, screws, galvanised steel
190 x 170 x 114 cm

Commissioned by (X)sites land art biennial 2023, Sweden

The installation’s first part, a wooden construction upholding a circular ceramic slab, acts as a frame and pointer. It leads the sense of sight into a specific direction, towards a birch tree, and thus opens a field of vision where nature is centre stage. Created like an embrace, a shape that embraces another shape, the work is an invitation to pause, rest and look. The second part amplifies a detail of the tree. Sculptured in clay, fired to a low temperature, the leaves remain highly fragile and will eventually return to earth, decaying slowly into the ground they came from. In the work as a whole, the beauty and liveliness of growth and transience meet each other.

"Choreography of a Tree" has been produced for the village Sexdrega alongside the cycle path Sjuhäradsrundan. (X)sites is an exhibition concept where artists create temporary site-specific works in landscapes connected to cycle and walking paths. (X) stands for the unknown to be explored, and sites stands for the places the artists work with. 2023 is the biennial’s 5th edition.

(X)sites land art biennial is an artist-run project by Konstnärscentrum Väst, supported by Sexdrega Byalag & Medborgarhus, communes Svenljunga & Tranemo, and Västra Götaland region.

Coordinates: 57°34'54.9"N 13°07'19.5"E
Svenljungavägen 15, 512 77 Sexdrega

(X)sites Sjuhäradsrundan
The exhibition runs from 16 June to 5 November 2023
The work is also included in GIBCA Extended (Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art).

Photos © AnnaCarin Isaksson