HD Video, 16:9, colour, 2 min. 31 sec., 2016

Longing is an intimate performance that makes materially visible how our contact with the world takes place through the skin. Located on our skin, the sense of touch as our largest organ of perception is at the very core of being human. Already as a foetus, we collect all kinds of sensory impressions, feelings and experiences through the membrane of the skin.

Thanks to the intrinsic plasticity and malleability of clay, the matter clay and the human body both share a capacity for memory where traces remain visible.

In the video piece, by substituting skin with clay, emotions of longing, vulnerability and desire are rendered tangible. Longing’s haptic nature lets you imagine not only the feeling of touching the clay but also that of being the clay itself.

Direction and Script: Julia Schuster
Grader: Roddy Cañas
Edit: Julia Schuster

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